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Ultimate guide to buying a ride on lawnmower in Ireland for 2024

Maintaining a lush and well manicured lawn requires the right tools, and when it comes to larger lawns, a ride on lawnmower becomes an invaluable asset. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the key considerations and essential tips for buying the perfect ride on lawnmower to maintain your garden.

Assess Your Lawn Size and Terrain:

Before diving into the world of ride on lawnmowers, assess the size of your lawn and the type of terrain. Larger lawns benefit from the efficiency and speed of larger ride on mowers, while smaller lawns benefit from the manoeuvrability of smaller models. Varying terrains may require specific features like four wheel drive.

Understand the Different Types:

Ride on lawnmowers come in various types, including lawn tractors, front cut mowers and zero turn mowers. Each type has its own set of advantages and is suited for different lawn sizes and complexities. Conventional garden tractors have the deck mounted in the middle of the machine. These a the most common tyoe of ride on lawn mower, they include models that allow you to collect the grass or mulch, or both. Front deck rider mowers have the mower mounted out the front and are generally articulated in the middle, allowing for a very tight turning circle. Front deck mowers cut the grass before driving over it, typically leaving a cleaner cut. Most front deck mowers are mulch or rear discharge only, only the large Husqvarna models can collect the grass clippings. Research and choose the type that aligns best with your specific requirements. Zero turn ride on lawnmowers have a dual gearbox system that allows them to turn on their own footprint, making them highly maneuvrable and agile, however the can be difficult to handle, especially if you are not used to them.

Consider Engine Power:

The engine is the heart of any tractor lawnmower. Consider the power of the engine based on the size of your lawn. More powerful engines are suitable for larger areas, ensuring efficient cutting and faster mowing. If you have a hilly lawn or challenging conditions a larger twin cylinder engine would be advisable. Petrol ride on mowers come with the option of a single cylinder or twin cylinder engine. Traditionally Briggs and Stratton, Honda and Kawasaki were the biggest engine manufacturers with their engines in the vast majority of lawnmowers. This has all changed in the last 5 years with the Loncin engine becoming the most popular choice amongst the majority of manufacturers. You will now find a Loncin engine in all Stihl, Blue Bird, Hecht, Oleo Mac and Cobra ride on lawnmowers. They also appear in the majority of Husqvarna ride on mowers as well as a select number or front deck rider mowers from Husqvarna. Briggs and Stratton engines now appear almost exclusively in Snapper ride on mowers and the Honda engine appears almost exclusively in Honda garden tractors. Kawasaki engines appear in a select couple of Husqvarna garden tractors and riders.

Deck Size and Cutting Width:

The deck size determines the cutting width of the lawnmower. A wider cutting width allows you to cover more ground in each pass, reducing the overall mowing time. Choose a deck size that suits your lawn size and the level of precision you desire. Larger lawns will need a larger cutting deck, however keep in mind any access issues or narrow entries around the lawn. Larges cutting decks have two or three cutting blades, smaller 30 inch ride on mowers tend to have one single blade. The benefit of having 2 or more cutting blades is the mower can collect the grass clippings directly up the middle of the mower, under the seat. This means the grass has a shorter, more direct distance to travel to get into the collector, leaving less blockages.

Transmission Options:

Ride on lawnmowers come with different transmission options, including manual and hydrostatic. Consider your comfort level and preferences when choosing a transmission type. Hydrostatic transmissions, for instance, provide smoother operation and are easy to maneuver, whereas geared models can be jumpy and difficult to control in tight spaces. Most larger ride on lawnmowers will feature hydrostatic gearboxes with manual gearboxes featuring in the smaller, cheaper models.

Comfort Features:

Since you'll be spending considerable time on your new ride on lawnmower, prioritize comfort features such as adjustable seating and ergonomic controls. These features contribute to a more enjoyable and less fatiguing mowing experience. Many mowers have different levels of comfort. Some have a padded or soft touch steering wheel, rubber mats at the foot rests and arm rests on the seat. Other desirable features on various models include phone chargers and cup holders.

Research Brands:

Explore reputable brands to gain insights into the performance and durability of different ride on lawnmower models. At Irish Mowers we only stock reputable, market leading brands including Honda, Husqvarna, Stihl, Blue Bird, Oleo Mac and Cobra. We have access to all the big names on the Irish market, however we only stock the brands that fit our own standards of excellence and back up. We won't supply any brand that won't back up their product.


Investing in a ride on lawnmower is a game changer for lawn care enthusiasts. By carefully considering factors such as lawn size, terrain, engine power, and comfort features, you can make an informed decision that transforms your lawn maintenance routine. Embrace the efficiency and convenience of a ride-on lawnmower, and enjoy a beautifully manicured lawn with ease.

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