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How to care for your petrol lawnmower

All our lawn mowers for sale come with a manual and specify a schedule of maintenance. It is important to follow the instructions in the manual and to have the machine serviced by a competent person as required in the manual. Always keep in mind that lawnmowers are dangerous garden machines, do not place your hand near the cutting deck, blades or back of the mower when the mower is running and ALWAYS follow safety instructions in the user manual.

When storing your lawnmower do so in accordance with the operators manual. It is important to clear damp grass from the machine when storing as it will accelerate rust around the deck (if it is a steel deck). Clean the mower in accordance with the manual. Always store your lawnmower in a secure, dry shed or garage that can be locked.

While lawnmowers are generally quite robust it is important to look after them. Be aware they are not designed to cut overly long grass or areas which contain rocks and stones. These can damage both the blade and cutting deck as well as the engine. Stones and rocks can also pose a risk to the safety of you and others around as they can become dangerous projectiles if you mow over the top of them. If you have kerb or steps up into your garden it is an idea to make a ramp or to get someone to help you lift it as the wheels, axles, deck and wheel adjusters can become damaged with bouncing up and down steps and kerbs.

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