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Prepare your lawn mower and garden for spring

As the weather heats up and Winter storms have passed it is time to start thinking about your lawn and garden again. The Winter months can take their toll on any garden, here in Ireland we are no exception.
We have many things we can do in order to prepare our lawn and garden for Spring time.

Clear debris
Autumn and winter months can be hard on our gardens. Rake away any leaves, twigs, sticks and rubbish that has gathered on the lawn. Raking not only clears the lawn for the coming season, it also loosens up the earth and soil, allowing more air to circulate. As well as a benefit on the lawn, clearing debris can benefit your lawnmower and ride on mower. Sticks and twigs can damage your machine, twigs and smaller sticks can cause a belt to come off a pulley and larger sticks, if they come into contact witht he blades, can cause damge to blades, spindle housings, decks and belts.

Spread new seeds
Often the Winter months can take their toll on the lawn. Have a look through the grass and re-seed any patches of dead grass or thinner areas of grass.

Cut and mulch
Once the debris has cleared you can cut your lawn (if you havent sewn any new seed). For the first few weeks of Spring time it is advisable to cut your lawn at a high setting, working your way down over the weeks to your desired height. This is beneficial for both the lawn and your lawnmower. Cutting at a high level helps protect your lawn from any late frosts, it also puts less force on your lawnmower belts. Cutting grass that is too high and thick can cause your lawnmower belts to slip and burn. Mulching your lawn will put much needed nutrients back into the soil, it will also provide a lawyer of protection from late frosts.

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